TERROR / The Damned, the Shamed [VINYL]

TERROR / The Damned, the Shamed [VINYL]

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(税込: 2,640円)


HCクラシックを続々とリリースするSTRENGTH RECORDSから2018年に再発された限定LP。クリヤー200枚、ブラック300枚、ブラウン500枚、計1000枚の限定リリース。極少量の入荷です。Artwork by USUGROW 2008


TERROR / The damned, the shamed

A1 Voice Of The Damned
A2 Relentless Through And Through
A3 Betrayer
A4 Rise Of The Poisoned Youth
A5 Never Alone
A6 What I Despise
A7 Let Me Sink
B1 Feel The Pain
B2 Lost Our Minds
B3 March To Redemption
B4 Crush What's Weak
B5 Still Believe? Featuring – Roger Miret
B6 Suffer, To Return Harder
B7 Iron Mind (European Bonus Track)

Artwork by USUGROW 2008
Design by Buske design

Format LP
Release 2018